Thursday, February 25, 2010

SNow and Haircut

Snow in Brenham!!!

Colt turned one on February 23, 2010.....which is a momentous occasion of it's own. But.........then it snowed!!! We felt so blessed to share this day with him! He wasn't exactly sure what to think about it, but at least we have pictures to show him later in life! Especially since it probably will not snow again for several years!!!

We had such an eventful week so far! Because of old wives tales, I had to wait until Colt was 1 in order to get his first hair cut! And I have to say....HE DID GREAT!!!! Karisa did a fantastic job with him, and he just sat so still for her. He actually sat the quietest when she used the clippers. He was such a good boy! Mommy and MeMe were the ones crying!!!!

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