Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Growing up too fast...

We had a great weekend with the family once again! Friday night we went to visit the Maurer's for Kelcie's birthday! Happy Birthday Kelcie!!!! Saturday was a fun filled day with Jimbo's family reunion, Industry Bar-B-Q and auction, back to Brenham for Hot Nights Cool Tunes and back again to Silver Wings for more dominoes! It wasquite the day! Colt got to ride on a turtle for the first time with his Aunt Megan, and he skated with Uncle Jimbo! He loved it! He didn't like getting off his "schedule" and was a real cranky butt Sunday with mom and I in College Station. Once we got
home and back to his normal environment, he was fine! A crying baby makes for a long day away from home. Monday we had a very eventful dinner! Colt was so excited to be eating his squash, that he kicked the container out of my hands and it landed upside down on my leg! Somehow it got under the table, on my face, all over my shirt and who knows where else. Oh the fun!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Just life...

So I know that I haven't written in a while, and SEVERAL people have gotten on to me about it!! Sorry about the delay...have just been so busy at work and home! As soon as we get home from work, another routine starts. Start dinner for mom and dad, get dinner together for Colt, feed Colt, feed mom and dad, bath time, bed time for Colt...by that time we are so tired that it is usually bed time for mom and dad as well!!! When we stray from our routine, Colt definitely lets us know, and mommy gets a little anxious. Our nanny was on vacation earlier in the week, so MeMe watched Colt on Monday and Wednesday. We had just gotten back from a long weekend of travel (we were in Port O'Conner for the 4th), and Colt was obviously not used to the 3 hours in a car. He was a very fussy baby on Monday. But the rest of the week, he was the perfect angel that we have gotten used to. It is amazing how much he is changing! He now sleeps (usually) at least 8-9 hours at a time. What a difference from just a month ago!!! I will post some updated pictures soon! Just a note about Jared and I....for the past 4 weeks we have drastically changed our diet and started exercising regularly. So far, I have lost 12 pounds and Jared is down 10! We are thinking about buying the P90X workout, which we have heard is fantastic! I know this isn't the most exciting blog, but I at least wanted to update it and let everyone know what is going on in our routine filled lives!!!