Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My First Blog

Ok, so I got this idea from Jamie Maurer...and I am sure that it will take me a LONG while to get as good as she is at this. I wanted to find a way to keep everyone updated on our lives and the craziness that sometimes surrounds it. Just a quick low the past year Jared and I learned we were expecting a baby, got married (was already in the plans), interviewed for a new job, moved to Brenham, started a new job, lived with my wonderful aunt and uncle Betty and Jimbo Hafner, moved into a rent house, had a beautiful baby boy, sold our house in Victoria, bought a new house in Brenham, moved into a new house.......deep breath! Yeah, that is ALL within a year. Maybe now our lives will start slowing down......yeah right, I doubt it. Anyways, I hope that I enjoy doing this and I hope that all of you will enjoy reading it! Any advice you have for me regarding blogs...feel free to let me have it!!! I added just a few pics that will get me started. More to come!

Jared and I on Valentine's Day. Just 9 days away from us meeting Colt!

One of the first pictures of Colt...Just 4 days old!

One of my absolute favorite pictures! This was one of his first smiles...and it sure was cute!