Thursday, January 21, 2010

No Time to Breathe...

So I guess I am playing poor pitiful me by saying I have no time to update this whole blog thing....but then I think about all my friends who have SEVERAL babies and update all the time. So...once again.....POOR PITIFUL ME!!!!
I know that it has been way too long...but just a quick update. Colt had a wonderful first Christmas. So wonderful that we are going to be putting our queen size guest bed in storage and start looking for a day bed in order to convert the room into his playroom. Not sure what we are going to do once we decide to add to our family!!! He got so many fun presents and cute clothes from all of his wonderful family! But of course he had more fun with the paper and boxes!

We have also found new ways to entertain him.....including climbing on the dishwasher, climbing out the doggie door....... Guess our house isn't as "baby proof" as we thought.

Life has been very fun watching him grow and develop. It is just amazing how much a child can change your life. For the better of course! Now....if I can just find the time to get his first birthday planned......


  1. Beautiful Boy!!! So glad to read your I don't need to harrass you on facebook:)

    I love his face in the f-ball outfit

  2. I think he is so cute crawling out the doggie door! Glad we don't have a doggie door, I would probably have a missing baby!

  3. I have NO babies and I can't keep up with my blog! I think you're doing a great job!